How having a marquee improves the party

You know you've been to a good party when you gathered under a marquee and enjoyed the company and frivolity that ensued. There's something special about a party under a tent, it brings about the notion that you're at a circus or a festival that never ends. As the weather turns, you're protected and can enjoy the celebration no matter how bad the rain gathers outside. The next time you're planning a party, think about the way a marquee might enhance the celebration.


Think about the versatility aspect of why you can hire wedding marquees and essentially setup a party anywhere that will host the size of marquee you decide to go with. You could park a gigantic 21m x 100m marquee in a field or parking lot and turn on a party that will be remembered for years to come. Similarly, if you have a smaller lot and a small space available, you could put up a smaller sized marque (perhaps 21m x 35m) and find that you can host a good sized party.

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This is not merely a tent, but a location for a gathering. Companies today provide superior materials and construction that offer protection from winds up to 80 to 100 kmhr, so there's no fear about being caught in a storm that will destroy the party. These marquees can easily be setup on a beach or on a village square and look fabulous in both locations. Certain marquee tents provide walls and a single entrance, offering you the ability to control entrance and exit and also provide you with the ability to charge for admission.


You can expect to pay for size, as is expected. The larger the marquee the more people you can fit inside and thus charge more for your event. If you plan accordingly you can stage certain events at certain times and provide a reasonable amount of entrance fees for these events, which will allow you to easily make back the money you invested.

Mobile Party

If you're interested in setting up a mobile party, a marquee tent can be a great solution. You can easily setup and tear-down as needed wherever you decide to go. There's practically no limit on where you can create an event, all it takes is imagination. A marquee can easily be stowed on a truck and hauled around the countryside, waiting for a place to unload and begin an event. Bring you band, bring your electronics, bring your lighting and you can create an incredible party atmosphere in a very short amount of time. The rage for mobile parties is to send out the invitations and to quickly setup the marquee and go from there. Be on the cutting edge of this fashion by ordering your own marquee and creating a party that will be remembered for years to come.

Whether you're in the city or in the country, you can find a marquee dealership easily online and be up and running with your event in short order.